I think making and using a book scanner is in my future. I’m already at the point where I throw away books because I can’t store them for the far future where someone will care (e.g. early computer books). And I don’t want to re-buy thousands of books to have them in electronic format, nor do I trust ANY of the current e-book vendors for longevity (which needs to be measured in decades to centuries).

So, something like this

DIY Book Scanner

which has a huge community around it. There’s even a semi-commercial builder, Tenrec Builders.

How we built a DIY book scanner with speeds of 150 pages per minute, article from 2013 on experience with the Reetz scanner kit.

Atiz is a commercial company selling book scanners. No idea on price, will find out soon.

Noisebridge is a hackerspace in San Francisco (16th & Mission); one of their groups is Digital Archivists. Will be checking this out next Wednesday night.