selfie. A compiler and VM in 7000 lines of C

Questions I’m asking in interviews

The Collapse of the UNIX Philosophy

Lever. New Python-like language with deep GUI/OpenGL integration.

Uncertainty in Deep Learning

info is dead. What if info died and no one noticed. This is from 2014.

mandoc to markdown converter. Along with a lot of strong opinion.

Revisiting How We Put Together Linux Systems

Version SAT. “Dependency hell is NP-complete. But maybe we can climb out.” Also see Thoughts on “Dependency hell is NP-complete”

Zen and the Art of Package Management

Yarn package manager. Pretty sure it’s just for Javascript. The docs are too cute and don’t seem to get to the point.

An Introduction to the Swift Package Manager

Swift Package Manager Community Proposal

Cracking Minesweeper with Z3 SMT solver