Several groups have converted their large Subversion repository to Git. The largest I know about is KDE, and they ended up writing a new program svntogit to do that.

The KDE Subversion repository is still accessible at

Other people have used their tool

Switching an SVN repository to Git with KDE’s Svn2Git

Some people persevere with git-svn, bundled with Git.

Converting a Subversion repository to Git

I was writing my own partly because of pathologies in in-house repos that choked everything I found, and partly because I have bigger plans.

Large Subversion repos

The Apache Software Foundation puts all projects into a single common repo. As of this writing, it has 1,783,493 revisions:

KDE used to be in Subversion, and small pieces stil live there (just localization at this point, I think). As of this writing, it has 1,482,977 revisions:


GCC is in Subversion, although I think they are trying to switch to Git. As of this writing, it has 245,564 revisions:


SourceForge still uses Subversion for project repos.

Random notes

Facebook’s git repo is 54GB


GCC: Anonymous read-only SVN access

Adventures in Converting Subversion to Git

My Experiences With Subversion - this is really about a CVS -> Subversion conversion.