Public access

So, who hosts repositories for public access?

  • Github:
  • Bitbucket:
  • CodePlex:
  • SourceForge:
  • LaunchPad:
  • Savannah:
  • Gna:
  • Gitlab:
  • Apache Software Foundation:
  • FusionForge:

While not a host itself, Blackduck Open Hub tracks many open source projects, with pointers to their repositories.

  • Blackduck Open Hub:

If Blackduck’s tracked repos match the world at large, then we are at 45% Subversion, 41% Git, 8% CVS, 2% Mercurial, 1% Bazaar, 3% other. Since Perforce or Team Foundation are not mentioned at all, this means that there is some difference between the Blackduck open-source world and the entire world of developers. Separate stats I saw indicated that Team Foundation is at about 10% of source control users.


Slow to browse, and the UI is a little lame by modern standards. I think it’s mostly dead, because the last blog post on the site is from October 13 2013. I didn’t find any “we are going away” post but they must be going away. And I see people still using it, so hmm.

CodePlex has Subversion repositories on it, e.g. But I think you have to guess where they are, you can’t just easily browse just Subversion repositories. Don’t think there’s an API either.


Still around, and getting disreputable. Sourceforge I think is only Subversion, e.g. svn checkout doublecmd-code

From the past

These are the big players of the past that shut down (largely because Github won). Some still run in read-only mode:

  • Google Code: (archived at
  • Gitorious: (migrating to Gitlab)

Hosted providers

There are also hosted providers that will host your repositories, but I don’t think there is public access

  • Assembla:
  • ProjectLocker:
  • SlikSVN:
  • CloudForge:
  • Codebase:
  • Unfuddle:
  • Beanstalk:
  • Deveo:
  • FogBugz Dev hub:
  • Planio:
  • RhodeCode:

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