DirectX 11 Hooking

  • scen/ionlib. c++11 reverse engineering library. bootstraps common tasks in game hacking and reverse engineering
  • scen/libembryo. screwing around with osx reversing :)

Universal D3D11 hook


Draw in Present() hook without destroying existing content

D3D11: How to draw GDI Text to a GXDI Surface? (Without D2D)

API Hooking without Detours

API Hooking with MS Detours

Why does the DirectX Device Present hook not work in detours?

DSFix 2.4

Beware other apps that hook D3D11

Obtaining Reference To ID3D11Device From A Reference To IDXGIAdapter1

Direct3D 11.1 and DXGI 1.2 on Windows 7

Platform Update for Windows 7

Surface Sharing Between Windows Graphics APIs

DirectX Graphics Infrastructure (DXGI): Best Practices

DXGI introduced with Windows Vista

DXGI 1.1 was added in Windows 7

DXGI 1.2 was added in Windows 8

  • “When you use Direct3D 11, the runtime will use DXGI 1.1 by default when calling D3D11CreateDevice or D3D11CreateDeviceAndSwapChain with a NULL IDXGIAdapter pointer.”

DXGI 1.4 (??) in Windows 10

DXGI Overview