Programming blogs every programmer must read. Ok, well, that you might want to read. Possibly.

Telling stories with data using the grammar of graphics

Storage Pod 6.0: Building a 60 Drive 480TB Storage Server

cbor. Concise Binary Object Representation.

GoldFish. A fast JSON and CBOR streaming library, without using memory.

Robot. Native Cross-Platform System Automation.

tiny-process-library. A small platform independent library making it simple to create and stop new processes in C++, as well as writing to stdin and reading from stdout and stderr of a new process.

build2 High Fidelity Builds

GCC 6 Release Series. Changes, New Features, and Fixes.

C++ Pub Quiz ACCU 2016

Proposal: Binary-Only Packages. Official support for Go binary-only packages.

jbandela/stackless_coroutine. Use C++14 generic lambdas to simulate stackless coroutines without macros or type erasure.