Is there a standard file extension for MSBuild files?

ntroduction to MSBuild - Part 1.

EBML RFC (Draft). Also see Matroska-Org/libebml for C++ EBML parser with LGPL license.

How Configuration Should Work

Variables for Installation Directories

configure; make; make install

Using Make

The magic behind configure, make, make install

imake Frequently Asked Questions. Except I think imake is dead.

GNU Build System. Mainly for the picture.

Building a GNU Autotools Project

Understanding software Installation (configure, make, make install)

chen3feng/typhoon-blade. Build system inspired by Google paper. Also see projects that blade can build at chjp2046/thirdparty.

antirez/linenoise. A BSD licensed readline replacement. Halleluja!


stedolan/jq. Command-line JSON processor


libuv/libuv. Also see An Introduction to libuv.

The C10K problem

wishstudio/flinux. Foreign LINUX is a dynamic binary translator and a Linux system call interface emulator for the Windows platform.



clibs/clib. Package manager for the C programming language. The Wiki has a list of Packages. See Introducing Clib for an introductory article. See older article The Advent of Clib: the C Package Manager as well. Markdown processing library in C. See original upskirt/libsoldout.