NPM & left-pad: Have We Forgotten How To Program?. The comments are the best part.

d’Oh My Zsh.

Andy Grove’s Warning to Silicon Valley.

Patent that cost Microsoft millions gets invalidated. Crappy patent gets overturned after many years of litigation and use.

Caradoc - a PDF parser and validator. This looks like it is related to something I was working towards, binary file grammars.

Micropackages and Open Source Trust Scaling. comment thread. And another comment thread.

Why Package Signing is not the Holy Grail. Signing with private keys isn’t practical for many reasons. But it is possible to have a trusted upstream sign and send you a list of content hashes for approved packages, or you can do that yourself.

Contribution Points - package.json. Visual Studio Code extensions have a package.json manifest file. I think Visual Studio Code is written in Node.js?

Packaging distributions. Python distutil now uses a package.json file instead of a file for config.

JavaScript Packaging with package.json. Walkthrough on creating packages for npm.

Things I wish Pip learned from Npm.

How Heroku Works

gx. “The language-agnostic, universal package manager”. Bold claim.

A History of Starcraft AI Competitions (and UAlbertaBot)

On the Impending Crypto Monoculture

FlexSC: Flexible System Call Scheduling with Exception-Less System Calls

Why Microservices?

The Origins of Pattern Theory, the Future of the Theory, And The Generation of a Living World. Christopher Alexander talk from 1996.

Why numbering should start at zero. Dijkstra letter, 1982.

agauniyal/rang. A simple, modern & header only c++11 library for colors in your terminal. Right now, just term support, doesn’t work on Windows.

libnghttp2_asio: High level HTTP/2 C++ library. Mix libnghttp2 and Boost.Asio together.

C++ vtables - Part 1 - Basics. Just covers Clang at the moment. See reddit/r/cpp thread for comment on MSVC.

Practical Guide to Bare Metal C++

ziacko/TinyWindow. a cross platform single header window management library. Also see reddit/r/cpp thread.

Houdini: Maybe The Most Exciting Development In CSS You’ve Never Heard Of. Extending the browser model to allow developers to extend the CSS model.