The C++ standard has been a thing since 1998. In recent years, it’s been a concerted and ongoing effort, which is great to see, since C++ is still the closest thing we have to the one true language.

JTC1/SC22/WG21 - The C++ Standards Committee - ISOCPP is the home of the C++ standards committee itself.

The web site is relatively new, but it is becoming the one-stop place for information about the C++ standard.

The Committee: WG21 is the group that oversees the evolution of the standard, both language and libraries. They meet face-to-face two to three times a year, see Meetings and Participation. Having attended one of their quarterly week-long meetings (Jacksonville, FL), I have even more respect for the people involved.

The June 2016 WG21 Meeting will be in Oulu, Finland from 20-June-2016 through 25-June-2016. It should be interesting, as we shephard our prototype paper from scary idea to something that meets general approval.

WG21 allows walk-in observers, but to be a voting member, you need to be a member of a national standards body that ISO recognizes. For the US, this is ANSI. It’s slightly unclear to me how much this costs. I assume this is ANSI in the US, but the ANSI Company Membership Application 2016 quote a basic membership cost of $995 whereas the Meetings and Participation quotes $1995. For a large company, it’s upwards of $30K/year, so you need to be serious about it.

ISO/IEC JTC1 Procedures details how the ISO C++ committee operates, relative to ISO and IEC. USNC/IEC is the specific section of ANSI that this falls under, at least for the US.

PL22.16 - Programming Language C++ is the US group that corresponsds to SC22/WG21.