apt 1.0. Evidently apt was in beta all this time? apt is Debian’s high-level packaging tool, and stands for “A Package Tool”. dpkg is the package management system itself. And then Aptitude and Synaptic are front-ends to apt itself. It’s turtles.

Docset Direct Download Links Dash is an offline API documentation browser for OS X and iOS. Looks interesting.

dasht is a command-line version.

Docset Direct Download Links

Assembly Optimizations I: (Un)Packing Structures

Returning multiple values from functions in C++

Why < cstdlib > is more complicated than you might think. Good article if you approach it from the point of view of “GNU C standard library” and not “any C Standard Library”.

We Hire the Best, Just Like Everyone Else

Why not C++?

A brief introduction to C++’s model for type- and resource-safety. Bjarne Stroustrup, Herb Sutter, Gabriel Dos Reis.

Pushing to Dokku from GitLab CI

DTags - Directory Tags for Lazy Programmers.. I wish there was a good shell for Windows.

yrp604/rappel. A linux-based assembly REPL for x86, amd64, and armv7.

Object-Oriented Programming is Embarrassing: 4 Short Examples


ext4 and data loss

An ffmpeg and SDL Tutorial. How to Write a Video Player in Less Than 1000 Lines.

Let’s code a TCP/IP stack, 1: Ethernet & ARP

Beginning Game Programming v2.0

Sci-Hub is a scholarly litmus test

Ill-Advised C++ Rant, Part 1 and Ill-Advised C++ Rant, Part 2

Saving 500 Apple II Programs from Oblivion

luna. Luna is an expressive, minimalistic, elegant programming language implemented in C.

The Evolution of Character Codes, 1874-1968

No Compiler