A number of companies have tech blogs that are more than just self-aggrandizement or PR.


Google is the champion. I have no idea how many tech blogs they have. Here are the ones I know about. I have no doubt that there are others.

Google also does research and publishes research articles


I’m sure this is only scratching the surface. That said, Microsoft is still only a sometime tech blogger, most of their communication is in tech docs, magazines and books, or in PR pieces.


Netflix is moderately unique when it comes to tech blogging, its blogs exist to describe its internal technology; it develops all its tech to run its infrastructure, and releases large portions as open source.

As part of their semi-open stance, they have a unified open source presence/portal on Github.

The community put this summary description of their software stack together




I don’t think Apple has any tech blogs.


There are a lot, I should track them down. Most of IBM’s technical content is not presented in blogs, but in sources like developerWorks.



kilimchoi/engineering-blogs. A curated list of engineering blogs

SlicedHam. Aggregated dev blog posts from all over the web.