XCode is very spammy, and there are lots of files you don’t want in source control

Stack Exchange is going through a long and moderately painful process to clarify attribution. This seems to be driven by a combination of two things; the belief that everything is copyrighted, and our (overly?) litigious society. Editorial note: this should not be necessary, even large code snippets are not so masterful that they need or deserve copyright protection. A New Code License: The MIT, this time with Attribution Required

Installing Git HTML Help on OSX

Public Domain Curses is a project to make ncurses available for “not-Unix”; currently it covers DOS, OS/2, Win32, X11 and SDL. There is an interesting fork that directly uses Win32 APIs that the developer is trying to get merged into the main version.

Book catalog software

Audio players

Meet Lilli, the High-end German Call Girl who became America’s Iconic Barbie Doll

Fumurt - A Programming Language with Deterministic Multithreading

Racket and CoreOS

Docker 1.10: New Compose file, improved security, networking and much more!


easyPost docs. Yet another group doing really good-looking documentation.

Deep Learning Glossary