We need more of this, a bake-off between a bunch of languages using a small but actually-does-something program. This problem is a web app, so any language without a web framework available is at a big disadvantage, of course. But what I think that says in this day and age is that any wants-to-be-serious programming language needs a web framework for it. Heck, even C and C++ have web frameworks now. I missed this somehow, but GitHub has started their own Git development newsletter. It’s definitely more readable than the Git mailing list, not yet sure how accurate it is.

TAPIR – the Transaction Application Protocol for Inconsistent Replication. I need to read up on this, sounds useful and dubious at the same time. I skimmed the paper, but I need to spend a few days reading through it carefully and then experimenting.

Concurrent Programming Library (Coroutine) for C. Tiny, but only has GCC-based runtime support, and with 15 seconds of reading I can’t tell if this means Linux-only.

FreeNAS Home Server Build

Dr. Memory. I have got to start using this!

Transit. Transit is designed to be implemented as an encoding on top of formats for which high performance processors already exist, specifically JSON and MessagePack. See MessagePack specification. Post on the initial release of Transit.

Square Defangs Difficult Decisions with this System — Here’s How

Speed reading promises are too good to be true, scientists find. Matches my anecdotal experience; the faster I read something, the less I really understand of it.

RAMCloud Papers

wmutils. Build your own (Linux) window manager.

Top 30 books ranked by total number of links to Amazon in Hacker News comments. An interesting reading list, and contains many good books. And some oddballs. Really, a rent book being the most mentioned?

How You Can Leverage Technical Debt & Why You Should

Why video games are essential for inventing artificial intelligence