Linux Performance Analysis in 60,000 Milliseconds, from Netflix blog.

GDP Growth over the Very Long Run. GDP per person over the last 2000 years.

Google C++ Style Guide

Tutorial: Building Rumprun Unikernels

Awesome Interviews. Curated list of lists of interview questions.

Conan. C++ package manager (descendent of Biicode)

Implementation notes about Henry Spencer’s regex library from Postgres source code.

Ideas are not cheap. OK. Hmm. I agree with the sentiment, but not his direction. He’s hoping that good ideas don’t need lots of work, or need to go up against tremendous opposition or inertia, or … most of the things that are the reason that good ideas exist that are unimplemented. Worth reading if only to react against.

Notes on indexes and index-like structures. A little pompous but maybe this guy is allowed.

MetroHash: Faster, Better Hash Functions. This also comes across as ridiculously arrogant, but again, maybe it’s deserved.

Retrospective on Binary Search and Comp{ress,ilat}ion