Swarm v. Fleet v. Kubernetes v. Mesos

27 languages to improve your Python

Rain & Water Effect Experiments

Re: ANN: AOSP builds with ninja - Android builds are now done with Ninja.

Fernet (symmetric encryption)

Announcing Confidant: an open source secret management service from Lyft


What is the difference between Data Analytics, Data Analysis, Data Mining, Data Science, Machine Learning, and Big Data?


Can These Glasses Help the Colorblind? We Put EnChroma to the Test

Blue Lion is Go!. A new OS/2 distribution!

How Fraudulent Users Slip Under the Radar

The Black Box of Product Management. “What does a product manager do, anyway?”

Good Product Manager Bad Product Manager.

Airbnb, Proposition F And The Shared Hypocrisy Of Bay Area Housing. Article chock-full of information, although ostensibly about Airbnb and the (failed) Proposition F in November 2015.

Symisc Libcox - Cross Platform System Calls & Utilities. Cross-platform ANSI-C library for making system calls. Dubious at the moment, but could become something great.

The nosh package. Managing daemons, terminals and logging.

Google’s Secret Screenshot API

CPython internals: A ten-hour codewalk through the Python interpreter source code

tcp/dccp: lockless listener

Crazily fast hashing with carry-less multiplications. This is insanely fast. If it really produces good dispersion, this would become the preferred hash function for long strings that don’t need cryptographic behavior.