Enterprise Web Development: From Desktop to Mobile. This is an online version of the print book. I think the whole book is online even though the table of contents only points to prolog and epilog material. For example, I ran across Chapter 8 on WebSockets while doing a Google search, and once I looked at the GitHub source for the book, I was able to create the other URLs. I don’t think the text is hidden on purpose.

AsciiDoc has been used to write a number of technical books. Maybe I should try this out. It appears to be a more human-writable version of DocBook. Still, this is more useful to writing structured docs than anything else, I bet.

Service Discovery: Zookeeper vs etcd vs Consul. This is in the context of Docker.

XRay the LLVM\Clang source code is interesting, but mostly because I should be looking more closely at tools like CppDepend and CQLinq, which lets you make LINQ calls on the code database that CppDepend builds up.


RAET: Reliable Asynchronous Event Transport Protocol

Kubernetes from the ground up: the API server. Second in a series about Kubernetes, an open-source cluster manager (from Google). It uses Etcd.

Under the Hood of Amazon EC2 Container Service

Service discovery with Docker

Distributed systems for fun and profit. A book on distributed systems that’s quite good as an introduction to the concepts and challenges.

Mixu/markdown converts Markdown to HTML. This and Ghost look better than Jekyll.

Visualizing Algorithms. Awesome.

Linkers 20 part series by Ian Lance Taylor for LWN.

Managing Software Complexity in Models

How to Elect a Leader Faster than a Tournament. Significant advance in leader election.

Dark corners of Unicode

Stack, Heap, Pool. This “shows” that pools are 33x faster than stack allocation. However, it’s cheating. Object initialization is being billed to “pool” construction, which is all the time.