Deconcentration of Attention: Addressing the Complexity of Software Engineering - interesting article on the complexity of software systems and the thinking that is required, and promoting the idea of deconcentration.

post-mortems - a hopefully growing collection of software project post-mortems, most of them modern.

Performance without the event loop - good if basic talk on scalable software architecture and how Go fits in, mostly about network dispatch.

gb, a project based build tool for the Go programming language - describes a project-centric build tool, meaning all your source (including vendor code) is present but clearly separated.

Ask HN: Books with a high signal to noise ratio? - a surprisingly good curated list of books.

How We’re Predicting AI—or Failing To - article by Stuart Armstrong and Kay Sotala analyzing all the (wrong so far) predictions about AI.

MIRI blog - blog from Machine Intelligence Research Institute. Also see papers.

A kerfluffle between Steven Pinker and Nicolas Nassim Taleb over Pinker’s book The Better Angels of Our Nature (Pinker comes off the better):

HydraBase&emdash;The evolution of HBase@Facebook.

ZooKeeper vs. Doozer vs. Etcd - evaluating systems used to share configurtion across a cluster of servers. With commentary on Hacker News. TLDR: ZooKeeper complex and written in Java implementing Paxos, Doozer is dead, etcd is a very young project written in Go and implementing Raft.

Apache ZooKeeper: the making of.

Youtube uses Zookeeper: see package zkocc.

Raft lecture on Youtube from John Osterhout. Probably more videos, look for them.

Arakoon is another distributed key-value store.

Open-Source Service Discovery. Covers Zookeeper, Doozer and Etcd, but also looks at other solutions.

Good tech talks on Youtube

A Hacker’s Guide to Risk Talk at DefCon.

Seaweed-FS. Simple and highly scalable distributed file system. Based off of Haystack.

Finding a needle in a Haystack: Facebook’s photo storage.

C++ Internals :: STL vector, Part III.

MQTT is a machine-to machine connectivity protocol, intended to be very lightweight.

utf8rewind - the size of it seems insane.

Working Hard to Keep It Simple 2011 talk by Martin Odersky.

Userland Slab Allocator. Uses bitvectors, looks interesting.

Verdi proves Raft correct. Verdi is a framework for formally verifying distributed systems using Coq. This is the pull request that contains the Raft verification.

Call me maybe: Zookeeper

The Log: What every software engineer should know about real-time data’s unifying abstraction

Distributed systems for fun and profit

Practicalities of Productionizing Distributed Systems Talk by Jeff Hodges at RICON West 2013.

Semaphores in Plan 9.

How to make a book with Pollen.

Let’s Build a Simple Interpreter. Part 2..