At some point, I’ll get back to actually posting substantive things.

bokken: Open Source Reverse Code Engineering. Looks pretty cool.

Tony Chi talk at Mind the Product 2015. This is awesome, watch it. Rapid prototyping, real-world feedback over conjecture, keep loop length really short, etc.

The Advanced Rust Programming Language. A sequel of sorts to The Rust Programming Language.

Supply Chain Evolution - Lessons from Ford and Toyota

The Software Paradox: The Rise and Fall of the Commercial Software Market. Interesting and somewhat flawed exploration of software markets.

ConsoleZ. Updated version of Console2 that is being actively developed (better console on Windows).

How to Type Korean on a Computer (in Windows 8, 7 or Vista). It’s hard to test that your software handles locales properly unless you can generate a few test cases.

Korean language and computers

Additional C/C++ Tooling

UTF-8 Everywhere