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Strictly speaking, Botan is a general-purpose crypto library, but has a TLS implementation. Source is kept in Monotone, but there is a Github mirror. Botan has had continuous development since 2001. Is it safe to use in a commercial product? Good question.

It builds on Unix/POSIX and Microsoft Windows. There are instructions for both iOS and Android builds referenced in the documentation.





LibreSSL is a fork of OpenSSL done by the OpenBSD folks as a security-focused rewrite. There is a new library coming called ressl, for reimagined SSL.




Secure Channel or Schannel is the name of Microsoft’s SSL implementation, implemented as an SSP in their Security Support Provider Interface.


Secure Transport

Secure Transport is Darwin/Mac OS X’s name for SSL. Modern features are only supported in Mac OS X 10.8 or later. Also annoyingly, you must put certificates in the Keychain instead of bundling them with your program. But it’s open source under the APSL 2.0 license.

Secure Transport Reference



PolarSSL is now a part of ARM - and Hacker News comments


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