I’m already running into cases where Jekyll gets in my way. I can either

  • live with it
  • write my own website template system
  • find something else

While choice 2 is the answer for all software engineers in the end, I’m trying to put that off for now. I have a few choices.

First is to use Hyde. It already sounds more appealing to me than Jekyll (for one, it’s written in Python). It looks like it handles more complex content better. Of course, it’s a little more complex than Jekyll.

Hyde: A static website generator

Or I could do the non-blog portions of my blog with something other than Jekyll. For example, I want to separate real blog posts from the ones where I’m just remembering stuff I read. Or I want to put documentation online. I could run this, for example, and just link that from a blog page:

d Documentation generator

I’ll defer this for now, but I imagine I’ll redo this blog/site in something else. I need search, for one thing.